Performing smart
Looking at the business side of your music talent to start making money

Thanks for such a wonderful experience! We are truly inspired! - Rasalie Jones of RXR (california)
IMS is an event I will attend every year!
There is nothing better than spending quality time with people of like minds. - Randolf Sanchez (California)
Had a great time!
Attended workshops and panels. Full networking! Met a lot of musicians and music professionals! - Karen Diaz De Anchante (Italy)
Last time I was on a bus like this I was on tour with the troopers drum and bugle corps. Sometimes I miss the good ol' days... Thank you IMS and Cathedral City for hosting this amazing event. - Devan Castinado (Colorado)
A life experience!
We only have internet for about an hour a week, a lot of people don’t even have electricity, but my friend from Canada told me about IMS. I’ve already learned so much. I’ll spend a total of 26 hours on a plane (13 hours both ways) to get here, but it’s already worth it - of course it’s worth it. - Maureen (Zimbabwe)
So, what is this all about?
This workshop is a part of the Interfusion Music Summit. It can change how you look at your music career. This specific event will open your eyes and will give you that 'aha moment' on the business side of your talent. This is a "must attend" event for any DJ, recording artist or anyone in the music industry. The BEST part of this event is that it's sponsored by The City of Cathedral City so this is NOT a sales seminar. Nothing is sold!
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Think you know about PR?
The tools are out there. You may think you know how to use them but are they working for you? This workshop will open your eyes about PR, marketing and promotions. Worth its weight in gold!
We'll show you how to create a PR machine!
You're only as good as your last gig.
Constantly moving forward is the name of the game in this industry. You can rehearse until you're blue in the face but it means nothing if you're not getting gigs. If your annual calendar is not full of gigs; you're not doing your job as a professional artist. This workshop will show you how to start treating your craft as a business. How to start thinking like a business. How to start acting like a business.
"I'm talented but the phone is not ringing. What's going on?"
"We have a huge following. So why isn't our band getting booked?"
You can always grow.

It's always great to talk big about yourself as long as YOU understand that growth is a part of your business. The Performing Smart Workshop will show you how to expand your talent. How to open doors to new genres, platforms and new markets.

Any artist that limits his or her talent to a specific niche; is also limiting the income and preventing new gigs. We'll show you how to constantly be looking for that new venture, making new connections and getting those gigs.

Instantly revamp yourself.
The Performing Smart Workshop will give you the tools to utilize every day. These are tools that are used for successful businesses and can be personalized just for you. The information shared in the workshop are business specific. We're not going to tell you how to be a better singer or a better DJ. We're not going to tell you how to sound better or look better. We're going to tell you how to be a business.
Now, represent yourself as a professional!
Your Host / Presenter

Allen Edwards has been in the entertainment industry for over 27 years. He's worked in radio and television broadcasting as on-air talent, Program Director and management. Allen has worked in Corporate upper management for companies like GM and Toyota. Edwards is the Co-founder of IMS as well as the CEO for PNN Media Group,, PNN Radio and the new Interfusion TV. Allen is a true professional in the business side of entertainment and will share his knowledge with you. Edwards is just one of a panel of professionals that will share some amazing information during this event.

Let's Recap:

How to get gigs. We'll show you tips and tricks on gettings those extra gigs

How to market yourself. Advertising, marketing and PR tools that will take you to that next level.

Connections that work. We'll show you who to contact and how to contact. Tips that you can use over and over again.

Expand your talent. We'll show you ways to go beyond your genre and get gigs in other platforms.

What you get:

2015 IMS All-access VIP Ticket.

Access to this Performing Smart Seminar.


This workshop is a part of the IMS all-access pkg!
If you're a professional recording artist, DJ or music professional in the EDM / Dance industry; this workshop is included in your IMS All-access VIP ticket. So you don't need to purchase anything else! If you have not purchased your ticket yet; you can order it here right now:



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