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Interfusion Music Summit 2013


Quick Stats.

- IMS is happening this October 11th - 13th 2014

- This is the 4th annual event

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All the details.

IMS is happening this October 11th - 13th 2014. IMS is about performing in the desert. It's about getting artists, bands and DJs together and performing at the beautiful Town Square in Cathedral City. The previous IMS events have been amazing. Talent from all over the world came together and put on one amazing weekend concert. This year, you can be a part of this magical event.

It's about looking at the business side of your craft.

IMS will show you how to get your songs into specific markets. We do this through seminars, workshops along with teaming you up with music remixers, DJs and producers. IMS will help any artist expand their music into other music genres by networking with DJs, other artists, labels, producers and industry professionals. This includes marketing yourself, promotions and getting those songs on the radio. This is a must-attend for any recording artist, band or DJ! This is NOT a sales seminar and we do not sell anything throughout this event. 

Networking with the industry

Interfusion - (In`ter`fu´sion); to mix, fuse together, blend, mingle. Where artists, bands and DJs come together and perform in the desert.The Interfusion Music Summit is an annual 4-day event for recording artists, DJs, music producers, record labels, distributors, promoters and other music industry members.

The music industry has been struggling in the past few years. CD sales are gone and music has almost become disposable. IMS has been put in place to help you revive your career through direct marketing, promotions and advertising to specific music fans/audience. We help you come up with new ways to market, promote and refresh your talent. IMS includes workshops and seminars from industry experts in all fields of the music industry.

This year's event broadcast live nationwide!

This year's summit will be broadcast live on the all-new Interfusion Television Network which is on the ROKU Netflix box, online, mobile and more.

“We’re very excited that we were able to make this happen at this year’s event”, said IMS co-producer Allen Edwards. “This gives us an opportunity to bring this event to another level”. There are millions of viewers on the ROKU Netflix box. Viewers will be able to see every performance and enjoy virtual front row seats at this year’s IMS Concert In The Square.

“Viewers will also be able to watch behind the scenes, live as it happens”, said Edwards. “We’ll have multiple cameras throughout the event which will feed amazing live footage all weekend long”.



2014 SpeakerAnnounced soon!

This year we will have another amazing keynote speaker for IMS 2014. In past IMS events, we've always had some incredible speakers that shared their personal experiences and knowledge in the music industry. This year will be no different! What will we be discussing?

Music Videos
Making money
Getting gigs

Dustin Robertson - Commercial Editor2013 Speaker

Internationally known, award winning video editor who's clients include Madonna, Lady Gaga, Jennifer Lopez, Katy Perry and many others. Dustin will share with you the importance of branding, imaging and quality representation of your work. He will teach you how NOT to settle for anything but the best when it comes to your work. Music professionals spend thousands of dollars just for a short session with Mr. Robertson. Here's just some credits of Dustin Robertson's work:

Music Videos : Janet Jackson, Justin Timberlake, Gloria Estefan, Korn, Pink.
Commercials : GAP, Jon Freida, Pantene, Jergens, Sanyo, Calvin Klein
Movies : Paramount Pictures, MGM
Music Videos : Michael Jackson, Sting, Britney Spears, Whitney Houston
Commercials : Pepsi. Old Navy, Carl's JR, L'Oreal, Nip/Tuck

Allen Edwards - Music ManagementSpeaker

Owner and Executive Management of AEU Recording Studios, PNN Media Group, AEU Media Group, LLC and JamBrander.com; Mr. Edwards knows the business of music. Allen will share his knowledge of PR, promotions, event producing and properly getting your name out there. Allen is also the co-producer of IMS 2013 and will conduct round tables with attendees. :

Discuss : Discover your niche
How to : Improve your self image to work to your advantage.
Don'ts : things you're doing that you shouldn't be doing
Keeping up : Staying in touch with today's tech, media, tools, etc
Easy PR : Free ways to promote yourself that really work
Job or Hobby : How to ask yourself and what to do to move forward

Corey White - Radio Program DirectorSpeaker

Corey White is an award-winning song writer, producer, remixer and DJ. In the past 5 years, he's worked with some of the biggest names in dance music. He's spun for White Party, Palm Springs, and the Billboard Dance Music Summit in Las Vegas. He's written music featured on Bravo TV and the Winter Music Conference in Miami. Most recently, he was awarded best dance / electronica song for the critically acclaimed "Does Your Mamma Know", which was co-written by International Dance Diva, Pepper MaShay (Dive In The Pool, Lost Yo Mind, I Got My Pride).

He is also co-founder and Program Director for PNN Radio - the longest running, highest rated, most listened to gay dance radio station in the U.S. His mix-show, "Corey D's Playhouse" is heard by over 350,000 people each week on pnn.fm

A Session with Corey : Do's and Don'ts. Submitting to radio stations. Communication. Imaging and more. "A session not to miss"

Workshops - SeminarsRound Tables

One of the amazing things about IMS is learning from each other. The past events have shown us how much YOU know! Most of our workshops and seminars include Q&A along with round table sessions where you can share what works for you. Most of our past attendees have stated that the 'networking' part of our sessions have been invaluable. Here are just some of the workshops that were held at IMS 2013:

How To Effectly Market Yourself: Treat your talent like a business!
Do You REALLY Need a PR Company?:We'll show you why you don't
Networking Is Key: This is the lifeblood of your career . . .period!
A Killer Demo Is A Must : We'll show you the good and bad of demos
How Serious Are You? : This seminar is a must if you're on the fence.
. . .and much, much more : Round tables, performances, Q& A


Ticket Special Ends May 31st

Get full access to the workshops, seminars, keynote events, performances and more! You also get VIP discount rates at the host hotel and a free gift! The regular ticket rate is $199. for the 3-day event.


Host Hotel Special Ends May 31st

This year IMS will be at The Red Lion Inn & Suites. We have amazing Early-bird discount rates for IMS attendees. The Junior Suite (King or Two Beds) Reg $139 IMS RATE $68. per night. Last year, the host hotel sold out so take advantage of this amazing discount now!



Fri Oct 11th

Schedule not set yet for 2014

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Sat Oct 12th

Schedule not set yet for 2014

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Sun Oct 13th

Schedule not set yet for 2014

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Connect with other attendees.

This is our 4th annual event. Attendees state that these events feel like a 'family reunion'. So we want you to keep in touch with each other. The IMS forum is for follow-up, travel arrangements, equipment needs, carpooling and more! Keep the communication flowing.


Interfusion - (In`ter`fu´sion); to mix, fuse together, blend, mingle.


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